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DPSCD Team Member Shines in Serving the Community

Our DPSCD community rises thanks to our committed staff members, who pour their hearts into serving our students and families. Case in point is Ms. Sharene Nathan.

FACE: Serving the Community

Sharene works in our Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) for short. She works as a liaison on several programs, including: Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Montessori Program and Exceptional Student Education (ESE), formerly known as Special Education. Sharene also works with the District’s Faith Based Council. She prides herself in being there for parents and providing opportunities for connection with our students. Sharene is passionate in describing the work she does for the District and our community:

“DPSCD provides opportunities that other districts don't. Dr. Vitti (our superintendent) listens to us as parents, stakeholders, and employees and what we have to say matters to him. Working for DPSCD makes me feel proud of helping the community, being there for those students that need a coat or a hot meal. I am always ready to go to a family’s house and share what resources are available to help them,” she said.

Motherhood Drives Her Work

In addition to being a valued team member, Sharene is also a parent to Tyrise Carey, a DPSCD student. As a parent, she is empathetic and has relatable experiences that enables her to connect with other parents, understand their needs and better serve those families that rely on DPSCD for resources to help their children’s rise. Sharene shared a firsthand account of supportive DPSCD educators and staff members who helped her daughter thrive in school.  

“When I say Tyrise’s village comes through, they come through,” she said with a smile.  “The principal, teachers, support staff, are all important people in Tyrise’s village. She has been accepted into the National Art Honor Society and has continuously been on the honor roll. Overall, she has received several awards for her academic and art performance.”

As both a team member and parent, Sharene’s schedule is packed. She admits that balancing can be hard at times, but it is also very rewarding being a mom and helping others as her job.

“Being a parent of a student that lives with autism allows me to educate and assist other parents,” said Sharene, adding that she often takes Tyrise to some of her meetings and events, something she enjoys doing with her mom. Sharene also appreciates the work-life balance that District leadership encourages for its employees. “I make sure that work stays at work and when I am off duty, that is family time.”

Available to Help Your Student Rise

Sharene said her personal experience with the District has been so great that she wants to share it with other families who are considering enrolling their children in DPSCD for the fall 2022-23 school year.  Her advice to parents: “know what resources your student needs, be willing to work as a team with the school you choose. Remember, it is a village you are creating, and everyone has the same goal for your child's future,” she added.

A huge thank you to Sharene Nathan for sharing her experiences as a DPSCD staff member and parent. Because as we know, when Student’s Rise, We all Rise!