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PRMX Champion Wins Bee and promotes Autism awareness

Overcoming obstacles is second nature for Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy (PRMX) student Jaden Williams. PRMX is not only an African-Centered studies K-8 school, but also one of the District’s premier application schools where all students are welcome including our students with exceptional needs. 

A frequent wearer of his Autism is my Superpower mask, which he dons to raise awareness of Autism, Jaden is an adept speller.  This winter, Jaden’s spelling prowess earned him the title of school champion which also qualified him for the district competition in Wayne County where he placed in the top 10 out 50 contestants. It is the latest example of how this well-loved student rises and thrives while at PRMX where he receives the proper support to thrive. 

“Jaden is a wonderful student and is always willing to help his classmates,” said Paula Riser, Program Supervisor in DPSCD’s Office of Exceptional Student Education (ESE). “He is loved in our school community and is a pleasure to have at PRMX,” added Riser, noting Jaden’s beautiful handwriting skills and use of calligraphy.  

PRMX utilizes the expertise of their certified educators and collaborates to create models of outstanding achievement in every classroom. Through implementing high-quality instructional materials and transforming the academic culture in their school, they challenge and inspire their students to thrive in the world. With a wide variety of academics and enrichment opportunities aligned with state standards, they support students in unlocking their potential as they extend their skills and talents beyond the classroom.  

According to their staff, our core curriculum includes: 

  • Bilingual Education- We are committed to English Language Development for students beginning in early childhood by implementing English literacy instructional frameworks that prepare families to become independent readers and writers in English. 
  • English Language Arts- We are committed to nurturing and developing a strong literacy foundation for all students in the early school years by implementing literacy instructional frameworks that prepare students to become independent readers and writers. 
  • Math- The mathematics curriculum seeks to ensure mathematical competence and confidence in students in mathematics-rich classroom environments. 
  • Science- Classroom experiences in science are connected to real-world phenomena and provide opportunities to engage in science and engineering practices through exposure to STEM-related career pathways. 
  • Social Studies - Students gain the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and core democratic values necessary for fulling their civic duties in a participatory democracy and effectively engaging in our global society.
  • World Languages- Students develop effective communication in at least one world language other than English as well as cultural competence to help all our students become better-equipped global citizens. 

If you are interested in your child joining Jaden at PRMX, where students receive an African-centered immersive experience visit the PRMX webpage for more information to apply.