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Pershing Duo Rises Through Sports

From team building to fostering a healthy dose of competition, sports can teach our youth a lot about how to collaborate, compete, set goals and work hard to win. At Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), we have pride in our student athletes as they successfully juggle their schoolwork and athletics activities. We sat down with some star student-athletes from Pershing High School, with its rich history of athletics success, who are continuing to rise. Their grit and determination are incredible, and they are bound to go far!

Jason Kennedy, Football and Track and Field 
He has been playing football since he was seven and really likes it. Playing at the high school level now, Jason can practice, hone his skills, and take them to the next level. He has his eyes set on going pro. Jason’s determination to grow and improve is so strong that he has even joined the track team this spring. His goal is to gain more speed and use it back on the football field. When it comes to academics, Jason is focused and knows that he must do well in class in order to play on the field. Plus, he enjoys the camaraderie that he experiences with classmates on the football field after class - it’s a different type of collaboration than in the classroom and it drives him to be his best.

D'Asia Flagg, Volleyball and Softball Player
Supporting her volleyball team on the floor by serving as a hitter makes D’Asia feel happy and fulfilled. Having enjoyed this team sport so much, she recently added softball to her schedule. D’Asia is courageous and wants to meet different people and try new things. Whether she pursues volleyball professionally or goes into medicine, these characteristics will suit her well. She is setting herself up for success by staying motivated and doing her best. D’Asia knows that to play her favorite sports, she needs to do well in the classroom first. Keeping her grades up is her first priority and will keep her competitive as she rises to new challenges in higher education. 

The District is proud of all multi-sport athletes like Jason and D’Asia as well as those students who participate in the many other extra-curricular activities available at DPSCD, including theatre, the arts, chess, robotics and more. They are all strong examples for other DPSCD students to emulate.  Role-modeling behaviors is a great way to bring up the next generation. Jason and D’Asia are examples of student-athletes who are #Rising Up with DPSCD.