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Ben Carson Student Advocates for Vaccine

Please Note: This  Story Was Submitted by Rachel Kabala, an 11th Grade DPSCD Student, Ben Carson High School

Like a plague demanding and devouring all that it can and eventually devastating every country of its valued citizens, the coronavirus has taken the lives of nearly three million people worldwide. It has completely changed our lives in just a year and a couple of months. When analyzed, the virus has had both negative and positive impacts, but the most significant concern is that we kept hoping…we never lost hope in our scientists. 

 As a district in the past year, we faced a significant impediment compelling us to put a halt to our daily lives. We were forced to incorporate a brand-new lifestyle to keep both our immune systems and our loved ones’ COVID-19 free. Although the deadly virus robbed the majority of us of our loved ones’ innocent lives — leading us to live our lives in fear and praying daily for a “miracle” that will put a stop to the virus — every day we tuned into the news with a voice at the back of our heads advising us to keep hoping for a vaccine that will allow us to recommence our daily routines. Despite several encounters we faced that served as roadblocks like mental health, various psychological and physical syndromes we experienced, and scientists went through hurdles too, our scientists never, not one single bit, gave up on us or the fight to find effective vaccines that would help fight the deadly virus and keep our immune systems healthy. 

 After long sleepless nights working in the labs, not spending time with their respective families, and working hard to make a groundbreaking vaccine, the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) finally announced Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccines that would, at last, help put a stop to the nightmare. 

Even though there are finally COVID-19 vaccines available at local hospitals and various pharmacies in our City, in efforts to guarantee a COVID-19 free future, we as the Detroit Public School Community District students need to step up, get vaccinated, and encourage our loved ones also to get vaccinated. The desired result is to ensure everyone stays on their best defense to prevent another pandemic like the coronavirus from occurring again. The coronavirus and its effects have been disastrous and have been like an alarm situation that has jolted everyone to their senses. If everyone continues to promote the implication of proper hygiene practices and making sure that everyone also gets vaccinated, we will truly be able to put it behind us and move on to a better future as a Detroit Public School Community District.