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DPSCD Reaches Contract Agreement with its Six non-DFT unions, Benefits Include a 2% Salary Increase and $2K Bonus

  • Bargaining unit members will receive a 2% wage increase - effective the first day of the second semester of the 2020-21 school year.
  • All bargaining unit members actively on the payroll as of the date of the bonus payment will receive a one-time $2,000 bonus in an off-cycle check before December 25, 2020.

DETROIT – December 18, 2020 – Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) announced today that it reached one-year financial agreements with all non-Detroit Federation of Teachers unions. The district reached a one-year agreement with DFT earlier this school year. The agreements, including six unions, provide a 2 percent reoccurring salary increase and a one-time $2,000 year-end bonus for all employees, except for cafeteria workers who will receive the $2,000 bonus, plus an additional $1,000 for hazard pay. The difference in pay for cafeteria workers is due to revenue shortfall resulting from limited meal consumption by students as all are learning online. The $2,000 bonus will be issued through an off-cycle check before the Holidays to all employees.

The financial agreements are with the following district unions: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME); Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees (DAEOE); Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals (DFP); International Union of Operating Engineers – NISP (IUOE); Organization of School Administrators and Supervisors (OSAS); and The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (TEAMSTERS).

“We recognize the challenging work of our employees, especially the sacrifices they have made during this pandemic. With all the uncertainties associated with the pandemic, it would be easy for school districts to justify layoffs, reductions in wages or salaries, or a refusal to increase salaries. Due to our strategic use of funds over the last four years and stronger financial systems and processes, and more importantly, due to the commitment of the School Board and I to not only value our employees but to put our funds where our mouth is, we found a way to increase salaries,” said Superintendent Nikolai Vitti. “These increases are not enough. Our employees should be the highest paid in the state and country for the work that they do. We have a challenging road ahead to make that happen, but we will be fighting hard to ensure that the State of Michigan moves to an equitable funding model so that the district, students, and employees benefit not only from equal state and local funding, but equitable funding.”  

These agreements come on the heels of the third DFT contract agreement since 2017 where teachers this year received a higher reoccurring increase to their salaries for a longer part of the school year but a smaller one-time bonus at $1,500. The current Superintendent and School Board team has increased salaries and provided bonuses for all union employees each of the last four school years. “In concert with our strategic plan, we will continue to identify opportunities to demonstrate our Exceptional Talent priority. As a Board we knew we needed to complete this important work as we close out the 2020 calendar year. Our employees have worked hard, especially during the pandemic. We want to send them a clear message that they are valued, and we cannot continue the reform work without their dedication and service,” said Iris Taylor, DPSCD Board of Education President.

Reoccurring salary increases next year will be determined by actions taken by the Governor and Legislature in 2021. DPSCD will demand that state leaders:  1) maintain or increase per pupil funding, 2) fully fund and allow both face to face and online learning, 3) fund districts and schools on a blended enrollment model (similar to this year) combining pre-pandemic enrollment with next year’s enrollment to address challenges families are encountering, and 4) transform the K-12 funding model to ensure that state/local funds are equitably distributed to school districts.

All six union members include 2,729 unit members who directly serve students across 133 job classifications primarily functioning as Para Educators, School Culture Facilitators, Family Case Technicians, Trainable Aides, School Technicians, Bus Attendants, Special Education Aides, Food Service Workers and Managers, Clerical Staff, Accountants, Financial Specialists, Program Associates, Program Supervisors, Directors, Public Safety Officers, and Campus Security Officers. In addition, all non-union will receive a 2% reoccurring increase and a one-time $2,000 Holiday bonus.

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Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is Michigan’s largest public education system. It is governed by a locally elected, seven-member board with Dr. Nikolai Vitti serving as superintendent. The District’s mission is to provide every student with a beneficial and rightful educational experience, preparing students to be career and college ready, and qualified to compete in the global market. The District has more than 100 schools and educates 49,500 children. For more information, visit and follow @detroitk12 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.