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DPSCD Families and Students: Complete the Q2 Survey

As outlined in the DPSCD Return to School Plan and stated in the summer, we are seeking to continue to meet the needs of our families and students. With the second quarter of the 20-21 school year approaching, we will revisit your preference for online or in person learning. This survey gives you an opportunity to update your learning preferences and modify your student’s online learning schedules if you still prefer online learning in the second quarter.

We have heard from some of our parents as well as many of our high school students that they want to see changes made to the online learning schedules.

Please discuss the survey with your child and complete it through your child’s email address or at: Your child’s principal will review the survey results and engage the entire school community on possible schedule changes for online learning, face to face learning or a combination of the two.

To help you with navigating the survey, when you click on the link, you may be asked to enter your student’s ID number and their DPSCD email password. Both you and your child will receive a copy of this message. If they take the survey before engaging with you, simply retake the survey and your last result will be recorded.

You can see the available schedule options at here.

If you are unable to take the survey or have trouble logging in, please call the District’s Help Desk at (313) 240-4377, 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

We look forward to hearing your preferences for the second quarter!