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DPSCD teacher’s summer guidance helped students and families prepare for the new school year

DPSCD teacher Mark McClain used the summer to connect with his students through service projects while also helping their families prepare for the new school year that Mark McClain with student in classroom began on September 8. For these actions, he is being recognized by his schools’ leadership team.

Known by his teaching peers at Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School for his computer prowess, McClain supported multiple deployments of wireless tablets to the District’s 51,000 students through the Connected Futures initiative. In addition to volunteering at some of the deployments, McClain helped his students with device set-up and troubleshooting. He also lent his voice as a DPSCD Ambassador. For instance, he participated in meet and greets at Farmers Markets in the Palmer Park and Brightmoor neighborhoods while also taking time to pass out school supplies and encouraging participants to enroll their children in a District school. Finally, McClain’s summer service included providing emotional support for his students and their families, acting as a sounding board to help them cope with the stress of a new school year amid a pandemic.

Entering his fourth year as a District teacher, McClain sees his efforts as part of a larger calling to being an educator. “I believe in going the extra mile for the children and our families,” he said humbly. While grateful for the recognition of his service by his schools’ leadership and his peers, McClain was quick to deflect and instead, pay tribute to his fellow teachers and what they do for him. “I want to thank all of my colleagues and leaders who helped me to onboard into my job.”

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