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Fall Assessment Preparation for Students

Assessments play an important role in education.  Data used from the assessments help to inform what students may need, have mastered or what they are ready to learn next. This year, assessments will look different. Virtual learners will test at home in most cases.  The only case when virtual learners may be asked to come to the school to test would be when a test must be administered in person, such as College Board.

To prepare families for this important time, DPSCD has prepared training resources to support families and students. This includes Parent Academy sessions, helpful tips for test preparation, as well as videos to understand the assessments.

Parents can support their students and prepare them for the assessments by following these tips:

  1. Get organized - by finding a quiet space for your student to take the test and confirming your technology is working properly.
  2. Motivate your child by explaining how doing their best will help their teachers know how to teach them better.
  3. Support, but DO NOT help by encouraging your child to stay focused and try their best and NOT helping them with the answers.
  4. Celebrate your child’s effort once you have confirmed they have completed the assessment.

Review these helpful documents with your child:


The following Parent Academy sessions will apprise the community of assessments that will be administered to K-12 students during the 2020-21 school year. Assessment windows, support for test-preparation, and information regarding how assessment results help educators and the District make the best educational decisions for students will be shared.  

The Parent Academy sessions will take place during the following weeks and will be offered as a Teams Live Streaming Session: 

Week of Offering 

Day/Date and Time 

Join Link 

Week of September 21st 

Wednesday, 09/23/20 @ 4:00  pm

Week of September 28th 

Monday, 09/28/20 @ 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Week of September 28th 

Thursday, 10/01/20 @ 9:00 am



For more information and full list of fall assessments, please visit .