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Tips to Celebrate National Reading Month at Home

Last week we talked about reading events happening in your neighborhood, but if you were unable to attend Dr. Suess’ birthday celebration or may not be able to attend upcoming events, no worries, because we have you covered! Here are a few tips to bring National Reading Month right into your home.


Instead of TV/Computer Time, Make it Reading Time

Let’s take the eyeballs away from the screen and get them glued to a book. Perhaps you choose a book that stuck with you when growing up, that your child can experience now. Take 30 – 45 minutes daily to create the habit of reading after school.


Read Aloud

Make it a family affair. Reading doesn’t have to be a one person activity, so choosing to read aloud can create an organic family evening to where everyone involved can let themselves become lost within the storytelling.


Try Reading Outside

That’s right, with spring around the corner and daylight savings finally arriving, stepping outside the house and reading in that different location can create a whole new experience. Your child is likely to get enjoy reading outdoors and it will be fun for the whole family.


Don’t forget to check back next week for more National Reading Month inspired content!