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DPSCD Teachers Serve as Leaders for National Professional Development Training

Congratulations to our 30 DPSCD teachers who demonstrated the core value of excellence this August while leading a national teachers professional development training session in Charlotte, NC. It was almost a year ago to date when the same DPSCD teachers implemented the state standards aligned English language arts (ELA) curriculum in grades K-8 districtwide. Our district’s most recent M-STEP data reflected improvement across all grade levels (3-7) in literacy and mathematics while also outpacing the State’s average across grade levels.

“The Charlotte teachers were able to ask us questions about planning, procedures, instruction, resources, materials, etc.,” said Master Teacher Kimberly Terry, Carver STEM Academy. “The panel responded open and honestly to all questions asked, but never diminishing the fact that the EL Education Curriculum is the curriculum that provides students the opportunity to experience grade-level text, research the events of and in the world, and to write about them through their eyes.”

She is modest, we know our teachers were positioned in the professional development rooms as master practitioners and field experts. This intentional planning process not only helped our teachers feel more prepared in supporting other teachers, but it also further solidified their mastery of the curriculum.

“We, as teachers, all want students to learn,” said Master Teacher Dorrine Griffin, Davison Elementary-Middle School. “It was great to share the strategies that I use to manage the classroom, the new curriculum, and the school-wide procedures that occurred daily. I was also able to borrow teaching strategies, websites, and exchange email addresses from the teachers of Charlotte. I was motivated and ready to step back into my classroom in Detroit.”

The curriculum’s parent company, EL Education, invited our teachers to Charlotte to lead professional development training where our teachers supported other educators from all over the country through a panel discussion. DPSCD teachers ensured other teachers felt supported and valued. Our teachers used their knowledge of the curriculum and their expertise in the art of teaching to provide an invigorating professional learning experience.

DPSCD teachers demonstrated what we already know, we have the best educators in the world. We are #DPSCDProud. #StudentsRiseWeAllRise