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Detroit Board of Education Spotlight: Board Member Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill

Dr. Deborah Hunter-Harvill was born and raised in Detroit and graduated from Cooley High School. She credits her success to her teachers who pushed her toward educational excellence while in high school, which lead her to being the first in her family to pursue a bachelor’s degree. After high school, she attended Marygrove College on an academic scholarship where later she learned the importance of mentors and building relationships.

“Our biggest dreams sometimes scare us the most, my message to all students is to build a community of supporters and who can help you flourish,” said Hunter-Harvill. 

Dr. Hunter-Harvill has held positions such as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and the highest office – a board member.  Success was not always easy, and she was not alone during the midst of pursuing her multiple degrees and career endeavors. She attributes her success to the help of counselors, teachers, and Delta sisters who pushed her toward the field of education, because they too saw the drive and passion she had to educate and uplift youth in her community.

The community of mentors and friends she built saw something in her that empowered her to pursue her gifts. What we often forget, is sometimes we need others to point out our special talents and gifts in order to see them too.

“Your education is your passport to a successful life,” said Hunter-Harvill. “Maybe being a doctor is not for you, and that’s ok, but be steadfast in whatever talents you possess. Make your goals, and surround yourself with people who support you.”

DPSCD would like to thank Board Member Dr. Hunter-Harvill for her continuous work and commitment to the rise of our students.