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Dr. Vitti: Data-driven transformations in schools will lead the reform in Detroit

The Detroit News captured the reform work that is currently happening in Detroit and being led by Dr. Vitti and the Board. In the article, by Reporter Jennifer Chambers, Dr. Vitti touts data-driven efforts that will transform our schools and explains how principals will be able to focus on instructional leadership with the changes that are being implemented. Our District’s principal data-focused meetings are one of the examples of trying to establish a new leadership culture within DPSCD and to hone in on how our principals can guide our teachers to helping our students understand and learn the core curriculum.

"There is no question that we have challenges and problems," Vitti tells principals at a recent DATACOM meeting at Randolph Technical Center. "But when leaders are able to identify the challenges and problems and speak to solutions, we are moving forward to building the district and schools that students deserve."

"We have now provided additional resources and stronger tools. We should start to see the needle move in school. Each conversation is specific to the school: Is it moving in the right direction and why? And what are you doing to make it move?"


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Front Page Photo: Clarence Tabb Jr., The Detroit News