• The 2022 District Ambassador Season is Launching!

    For the last several years, a team of committed and passionate District Staff, Parents, and Community Members have served as members of our District-wide Ambassador Program. In this role, these individuals are trained to serve as representatives at local and city-wide events, gatherings, and faith-based sites to share the good news of DPSCD.  


    How Does it Work? 

    The Ambassador Program runs from June to October. Ambassadors start by receiving a 1.5 hour training to learn about key District topics – like how to enroll and DPS/DPSCD history. That’s where we post weekly opportunities to volunteer at community and outreach events including:  

    ·         Back to School Events  

    ·         Food Distribution Sites  

    ·         Community Events   

    ·         Athletics Events  

    ·         House of Worship Visits  

    ·         Phone Banking – calling prospective families  

    ·         Exam High School Test Volunteering (greeters and registration)  

    We provide you with everything you need – tablecloth, enrollment materials, flyers, fun giveaways, and site contacts. Our ask of you is that you engage with attendees at your event, answer questions as best you can, and submit feedback on your experience!   

    We know there are incredible things happening in our District and the most powerful way to lift up this narrative is through telling our own story. District Ambassadors are at the core of this work!  

    The Ambassador program ends each year with a special ceremony in October to honor all Ambassadors and the work they’ve done with special awards.


    Did I Hear Something About Swag?  

    Yes! The more you volunteer the more exclusive Ambassador Swag you will earn! Through hours of service, Ambassadors will be able to choose DPSCD swag through our swag catalogue.


    What are some of the advantages to joining the program? 

    1.) Connect with Your Community: The Ambassador Program is a great way to meet people at different schools and District departments, as well as parents and community members. You will be part of a special cohort of passionate and compassionate people!   

    2.) Enjoy Detroit: Whether you are new to the city or a lifelong Detroiter, there is always more to see and more incredible people to meet. By serving as an Ambassador, you have an opportunity to attend events (of your choosing!) across the city, learn about organizations and faith communities positive work.   


    Please click here to fill out a quick survey with your contact information and select a training date in May. 


    Thank you, 

    The Ambassador Program Team