• Middle School Conservatory Audition Guidelines

    Middle School Arts Conservatory applicants are required to audition for admission consideration.
    Applicants may opt to audition virtually or upload a recording of their audition. You will select your preferred audition method below. All students will be required to abide by the following audition guidelines.
    Virtual Submission Requirements
    • Videos and photos can be taken by any device, including smart phones and tablets.
    • Video and photos must be clear and easy to see.
    • Audio must be clear and easy to hear.

    Instructions for all video uploads

    At the beginning of every video, please state the following:
    • Your name
    • The grade that you will enter in the fall of 2022
    • Your age
    • The name of the school that you are coming from
    • What you will be doing for your audition

    Instrumental Music

    • Video or Live Audition: Perform two songs on the instrument(s) of your choice. Each performance must be at least 1 minute each.
    • Documents: Upload or bring with you copies of the sheet music for the songs you perform.

    Vocal Music

    You will be required to perform two selections. You may upload two videos or perform two songs in a live audition.
    • Selection 1: Sing 1 minute of a song of your choice which you feel best highlights your singing talent.
    • Selection 2: Sing one of the following songs: “Lift Every Voice and Sing” “The Star-Spangled Banner” or “Happy Birthday” (one verse, without accompaniment). Once again, choose the song that you feel best highlights your singing talent.

    Visual Art & Design Portfolio

    • Samples of Work: Bring with you or upload 3-4 photos of your original artwork. These can be drawings, paintings, sculptures, cartoons, etc.
    • Portfolio Review/Interview: Be prepared to discuss with the panel OR record and upload a video of yourself talking about the artworks you uploaded and why you are interested in studying these art forms. (1 – 3 minutes).

    Dance Audition

    • Perform live or record and upload a video of yourself performing a 1 - 2 minute dance solo with recorded music or other musical accompaniment. Choose a dance solo that you feel best highlights your dancing ability.
    • Dress in attire that allows you to move freely. No costumes, please.

    Theatre Audition

    Audition video/performance and one document:
    • Video or live performance: Perform a memorized 1 – 2 minute monologue on a topic of your choice.
    • Document: Upload or bring with you a copy of the monologue script.
    Your performance may be comedy, drama, classic, contemporary or poetry. It can (but it is NOT required to) include music if student would like to showcase singing and dancing skills.
    If you need monologue suggestions, you may use any of the Monologues listed at this link by DSA Pathways Partner Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit.
    Multimedia Production Portfolio
    This discipline is offered at Brenda Scott Academy ONLY. No formal training is required to apply.
    Submit one interview video and 1-4 photos, recordings and/or videos:
    1. Samples of Work: Upload or bring with you 1-4 examples of technical or media projects that you have filmed, built, designed, recorded, produced, and/or repaired. Examples are listed below.
    2. Portfolio Review/Interview: Record and upload a video of yourself discussing your work or come prepared to tell the panel about your "Samples of Work.". Please share why you chose to submit each and why you are interested in learning about Multimedia Production. (1-3 minutes)
    Uploads may include, among other things:
    • A short film/video made on a smartphone
    • A recording of an original piece of music
    • Digital art made on a smartphone, tablet or computer
    • A piece of mechanical equipment that you have adapted or repaired
    • A recording of an original radio show/podcast.


    If you have any questions about the auditions or audition requirements, please contact Richard Sperling at richard.sperling@detroitk12.org or leave a voicemail message at (313) 873-4990.