Athletics - COVID-19 Protocols

  • COVID Guidelines and Protocols - updated 9/13/21

    Athletic Testing

    • All student athletes must test weekly, in order to participate in athletic events.

    Pre-Practice/Contest Screening:  

    • Athletic Coordinators/Head Coaches should set up a check in location at the main entrance to the practice site. AC/Head Coach must designate an individual responsible for daily check ins for each team.
    • All coaches and students should be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Screening includes a daily temperature check and verbal questionnaire.
    • Responses to screening questions for each person should be recorded and stored so that there is a record of everyone present in case a student develops COVID-19 (see MHSAA COVID recording form). Do not share a writing instrument to complete the form.
    • Any person with positive symptoms or having responded yes to any item on questionnaire should not be allowed to take part in workouts and should contact his or her primary care provider or other appropriate health-care professional.
    • It is recommended that all coaches or observers wear masks and practice social distancing.
    • All student-athletes should be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the practice location. Hand sanitizer should be plentiful, and use should be encouraged and included in the practice plan.

    Facilities Cleaning:

    • Prior to an individual or groups of individuals entering a facility, hard surfaces within that facility should be wiped down and sanitized (chairs, furniture in meeting rooms, locker rooms, weight room equipment, bathrooms, athletic training room tables, etc.).
    • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place. Use of hand sanitizer should be encouraged and included throughout the practice plan.
    • Weights/Training equipment should be wiped down thoroughly before and after an individual’s use of equipment.
    • Appropriate clothing/shoes should be worn at all times in the weight room to minimize sweat from transmitting onto equipment/surfaces.
    • Any equipment such as weight benches, athletic pads, etc. which have holes with exposed foam should be covered.
    • Students must be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning to home.

    Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment: 

    • There should be no shared athletic towels, clothing or shoes between students. 
    • Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing), and individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout. 
    • All athletic equipment, including balls, should be cleaned intermittently during practices and contests. 
    • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place. Use of hand sanitizer should be encouraged and included throughout the practice plan. 
    • Athletic equipment and other gear should be cleaned between each use. 


    • All students shall bring their own water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared. Water bottles should be clearly labeled with each individual’s name. 
    • Water refill stations must be available for both home and away teams during practice and game sessions.  Where available, hydration stations can be used but no sharing should occur between teams.
    • Food and drinks should not be shared.

    Athletic Game Day Protocol

    Fall Sports

    Safety/Security Requirements

    All game participants, including spectators, essential personnel and athletes, must:

    1. Have their temperature checked prior to entry.  A temperature of 100.4 or higher, will not be permitted.
    2. Complete a symptom checker upon entry.  A person who responds yes to any question will not be permitted.

    Physical distancing, 3-6 feet apart, in the stands is recommended for those not from the same household.

    Guest Entry

    • DPSCD has been a proven leader throughout this pandemic by being ahead of national, state, and local COVID school safety requirements from closing schools, masking, and testing. As an extra layer of precaution, touch-less, digital ticketing will be implemented at all DPSCD games. This method is a faster and safer way for fans to purchase tickets and attend athletic events.
    • Effective October 1, 2021, tickets for all high school athletic contests will be purchased exclusively via GoFan’s digital ticketing system. No more paper tickets will be sold for games and no cash sales will occur at the gate.
    • The ticket price for all regular season varsity contests will increase to $6.00, which includes $1.00 for the service fee. The ticket price for all regular season junior varsity contests is $4.00, which also includes the service fee. Children under 12 are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult. As a reminder, once spectators leave the game, re-entry is not permitted.
    • For more information and to purchase tickets, fans should visit


    • Concessions are permitted.  However, it is recommended that all items sold, are prepackaged individually.   

    Face Coverings

    • Face coverings are not required for all game participants, including spectators, essential personnel and athletes. 
    • It is recommended by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services that face coverings are worn.