• We would like to hear from all District stakeholders.

    In support of the DPSCD Board's Anti-Racist resolution and our commitment to transformative culture, the District has embarked on an Equity Context Analysis Process (ECAP) in consultation with the Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP).  Through the ECAP, a cross-departmental group of District employees and stakeholders are collecting and analyzing data to:  

    • Assess for educational equity in our systems;   
    • Identify areas for growth related to advancing educational equity; and  
    • Support equity-oriented strategic planning efforts and monitor assessment activities related to promoting educational equity.      

    This process will give us an in-depth study of our District systems and will enable collaborative, cross-stakeholder dialogue, analysis, and meaning-making of systemic variables and systemic conditions toward equity.   Additionally, it will enable teams to prioritize opportunities for growth and/or improvement to disrupt and redress systemic inequities contributing to disparities in student outcomes.

    Findings and next steps will be identified during the Summer of 2021 and published here.  Stay tuned!