Exceptional Talent

  • Build an excellent team of dedicated staff to serve our students.

  • Student engaging in Online Learning from Home


    1. Refine implementation of new recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes for online and face-to-face environments.
    2. Support staff in maintaining their physical and mental health by offering health resources that foster individual and collective self-care.
    3. Tailor development and supports to the needs of staff teaching and working in new ways.


    • Improved compensation and made DPSCD the most competitive school district for new teacher compensation in the State 
    • Offered at-scale, paid professional development on the standards, new curriculum materials, and pedagogical best practice 
    • Established the Master Teacher Role and launched leadership development programs with New Leaders and MSU
    • Improved working conditions with upgraded technology, start of school supply funds, and facilities upgrades
    • Dramatically reduced core teaching vacancies to just 46 districtwide, down from 275 in 2017; opened 20-21 with 67 percent of schools fully staffed and 92 percent with zero (0) or one (1) vacancy
  • 1,000+ School-Based Positions Added Since May 2017
  • $10,000+ Increased Average Base Teacher Salary by $10,000 Since 2017
  • 275 ➡ 46 Reduced Core Subject Vacancies Since Fall 2016