Transformative Culture

  • Transform our culture so that students, families, community members, and staff feel safe, respected, and connected.

  • Teacher engaging with students


    1. Build and maintain trust among students, families, and staff by implementing district communication channels that foster ongoing, real-time feedback and communication for continuous improvement around student and staff safety and return-to-school decisions.
    2. Keep students connected to their school and courses.
    3. Live the District’s anti-racism commitment by supporting staff to directly confront their unconscious biases and develop concrete plans to actively combat racism as a community.


    • Developed and continuously improved a student code of conduct with student, family, staff, and community input  
    • Established Dean and school culture facilitator roles and introduced in-school suspension as well as alternative settings
    • Provided at-scale training for diversity, equity, and inclusion 
    • Launched Parent Academy and expanded PTAs and parent-teacher home visit program 
    • Improved student-reported perceptions of school in grades 3-8 and dramatically reduced chronic absenteeism
  • 6,807 Parent Academy Participants
  • 1,299 District Volunteers
  • 8% Reduced Chronic Absenteeism
  • 93 School Advisory Councils
  • 88 PTAs
  • 3,401 Parent-Teacher Home Visits