Outstanding Achievement

  • Dramatically improve the academic experience of all students to ensure they are college and career-ready.

  • Davis aerospace student in flight simulator


    1. Ensure students learn the essential grade-level content needed to succeed.
    2. Use assessments to provide teaching staff with the insights they need to efficiently address student learning gaps.
    3. Structure core content courses to provide interventions that help all students catch up to grade-level performance despite disruptions in schooling due to the pandemic.
    4. Improve high school programming and graduation rates.


    • Led teacher-driven K-12 Literacy and Mathematics adoption
    • Implemented new K-12 formative assessments with actionable data and updated online platforms
    • Established new academic interventionist role to support struggling students and provided intensive intervention training
    • Expanded dual enrollment and established career academies  
    • Outpaced state improvement rate in M-STEP proficiency and scored top improvement results in 4th-grade math NAEP
  • M-STEP PROFICIENCY Outpaced State Average in All Grade Levels
  • 26% K-8 Students made at Least One Year of Growth in Math
  • 58% K-8 Students Made at Least One Year of Growth in Reading