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    Application Elementary-Middle Schools

    Detroit Public Schools Community District offers enrollment in eleven elementary and middle application schools, which provide specialty programming in the Fine and Performing Arts, Foreign Language Immersion, African-Centered Curriculum, Gifted and Talented, Advanced Academics and more.  

  • Application Elementary-Middle Schools List

  • Application High Schools

    Detroit Public Schools Community District offers six application high schools, which provide a variety of specialty programming in the Fine and Performing Arts, Science and Medicine, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Aviation, Foreign-Language Immersion and Single-Gender Education. Dual-enrollment opportunities for college credit are available through each school, as well as eligibility for the Detroit Promise scholarship- a tuition-free path to trade, two-year and four-year credentials at select Michigan colleges and universities. 

  • Application High Schools

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  • Montessori

    Montessori Kids

    The District’s Montessori program is offered at three schools and features a robust curriculum that aligns to the hallmarks of the Montessori teaching and learning method, Michigan Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards. Students are engaged in student-centered learning through hands-on experiences, a focus on social responsibility, and engaged communal learning experiences that promote collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Additional programming includes Art, Music and Physical Education. 

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  • Montessori Schools

  • DSA Pathways playing violin

    Detroit Public Schools Community District offers a K-12 pathway for fine and performing arts education, which includes: dance, visual arts, vocal and instrumental music, theater, literary arts and multimedia production. Students flourish in their craft by being fully immersed in arts within a District that prides itself in inspiring creativity through our fine and performing arts curriculum. Students within these schools find themselves to be motivated by classmates to learn and grow their talents, often moving on to excel in our premier fine and performing arts high school -- Detroit School of Arts.

  • DSA Pathways Schools

  • Foreign Language Immersion

    GIrl Learning

    Detroit Public Schools Community District is the proud home of the only public immersion program in the state, offering partial-immersion programming in French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, we offer 90/10 and 50/50 Spanish immersion programming in select application schools. Our dual-language students learn academic content in a second language and develop proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking in their select(ed) language. Core classes are often taught in the second language, and the language culture(s) are embedded within the curriculum- which is also aligned with the District’s Vision of Excellent Instruction. This offers our students a multi-perspective understanding of the multicultural world in which we live in, along with its endless learning opportunities. 

    Foreign Language Immersion Schools

    • Academy of the Americas
    • Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS)


  • African-Centered Learning

    Young Boy

    Our African-centered learning curriculum offers Detroit students a unique educational and cultural experience designed to prepare students both academically and culturally. The curriculum stresses a child-centered, culturally-influenced pedagogy designed to increase the academic and social development of children. These schools supplement District curriculum with African-centered educational material that informs students of the contributions of African American people to all aspects of U.S. society. African-centered education emphasizes the District’s belief in building students’ self-esteem, self-respect and pride to raise student achievement.

     African-Centered Learning Schools: 

    • Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy
    • Marcus Garvey Academy