• COVID-19

    How will testing be handled?

    Due to COVID-19, we have expanded testing dates and will strictly enforce social distancing at all phases of the testing process, from sign-in, to the testing environment, to departure. We are redesigning procedures to ensure the safety of all students and staff, including the issuance of personal protective equipment and the cleaning of rooms between every testing session. As we are closely watching medical guidance, please monitor your email or log into your Submittable account periodically to ensure you do not miss important notifications about exam. 

    How can I get application assistance?

    We are offering one-on-one application appointments by phone and video conference. Informational webinars are also available, and will include the opportunity for questions and answers. To ensure we can offer individualized support, advance sign-up is required. Please visit  detroitk12.org/examschools to learn more or to sign up for a session. You may also call (313) 873-6345 or email your questions to exam.schools@detroitk12.org

    What are my options for touring schools?

    Due to COVID-19, all school buildings are closed. Please continue to check this web site for updates. For general COVID-19 resources and support, please click here. 

    How will I obtain my student's transcript for the application?

    Please contact your child's school via email to request a copy of their transcript. 


    I am unable to print the documents off at home, may I pick the enrollment documents up?

    Parents/ guardians may access enrollment forms in the following ways:

    • Access forms and review the required documents at https://www.detroitk12.org/enrollnow. Forms can be printed or downloaded, saved to your device, and filled out on a computer. Once complete, they can be uploaded via a survey link. 
    • Request a paper enrollment packet mailed to your home. Find the survey at https://www.detroitk12.org/enrollnow. Completed packets can be dropped off at a DropBox location. 
    • Pick up a paper packet at one of the Enrollment DropBox locations. Visit https://www.detroitk12.org/enrollnow to see the current locations. Completed packets may be dropped off to a DropBox. 
    • Visit a Pop-Up Enrollment Center. Visit https://www.detroitk12.org/popup to see the current locations and hours. Packets can be completed or dropped off at a Pop-Up center location.