• General Application Schools Questions


    What are application schools?

    Application schools are schools that require students to apply for admissions. They often offer specialized programming such as education in fine and performing arts, foreign language immersion, Science and Medicine, Media Arts, Single-Gender education or gifted and talented programming. This year, there are three categories of applications:

    K-8 and High School Application Schools:  These applications include 15 selective schools.
    DSA Pathways: The DSA Pathway is comprised of Detroit School of Arts, a high school, and its four feeder middle schools. 
    Montessori: An application is required for Montessori, however, applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit detroitk12.org/montessori to learn more.


    What are the application schools for the 2020-21 school year?

    K-8 Application Schools

    • Academy of the Americas (K-8)
    • Bates Academy (K-8)
    • Burton International Academy (K-8)
    • Charles Wright Academy (K-6)
    • Clippert Multicultural Honors Academy (6-8)
    • Chrysler Elementary (K-5)
    • Detroit International Academy (K-8)
    • Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS) (K-8)
    • Golightly Education Center (K-8)
    • Marcus Garvey Academy (K-8)
    • Paul Robeson/ Malcolm X Academy (K-8)

    High School Application Schools

    • Academy of the Americas
    • Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine
    • Communication and Media Arts High School
    • Davis Aerospace Technical High School
    • Detroit International Academy for Young Women
    • Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men

    Montessori Application Schools

    • Edison Elementary (Pre-K to 3)
    • Edmonson Elementary (Pre-K to 6)
    • Palmer Park Preparatory Academy (Pre-K to 6)

    What are the DSA Pathway schools?

    The schools included in the DSA Pathways application are:

    • Brenda Scott Academy for Theater Arts
    • Duke Ellington Art and Music Conservatory at Beckham
    • John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Academy
    • Spain Elementary-Middle School

    How do I apply for DSA or a Middle School Conservatory?

    Applications will be accepted online only. Visit detroitk12.org/DSAPathways and click on the Apply Here button to start the process. The first round of applications are due no later than 11:59 pm on May 10th. Additional rounds will only be announced if space remains.

    I have general questions about DSA Pathways, DSA or Middle School Arts Conservatories.

    Contact DSA Pathways Initiative Lead Consultant Richard Sperling, richard.sperling@detroitk12.org or 313-873-4575.

    How can I apply for a Montessori school?

    No. The application for the Detroit Public Montessori program for Fall 2020 admission will launch at 12 p.m. Wednesday April 1, 2020. Applications will be accepted online only through 11:59 p.m. Sunday May 3. Please visit the Montessori Enrollment web page to learn more about the program, application requirements and to start your application when it goes live.

    How many schools can I apply for?

    Students may apply for up to three schools using the K-8 and High School applications.

    Can I submit multiple applications?

    Yes. You can submit one application per application category (Montessori, K-8, High School, and DSA pathways).

    What are the qualifications?

    They vary and may include: a minimum grade point average (GPA), minimum test scores, demonstrated talent and/or proficiency, among other criteria.

    How can I learn more about each school?

    Each school is offering opportunities for parents and prospective students to take a tour. Check out the calendar of scheduled tours here.

    If an application school has Pre-Kindergarten, is the Pre-K program included in this admissions process?

    No. Please contact the Office of Early Childhood for more information at (313) 347-8923. Applications only apply to students entering grades K-12.

    Will I have an advantage if my child is enrolled in Pre-K at an application school? 

    No, however, if the child has a sibling already in the school, they will receive a higher priority for enrollment.

    I have general questions about application schools.

    Call the DPSCD Office of Enrollment at (313) 873-6345 or email application.schools@detroitk12.org

    I have questions about each specific school.

    Call the school or attend one of their scheduled tour opportunities. You may also visit their web site.  

    Which schools require a test for admissions?

      • Academy of the Americas
      • Bates Academy
      • Burton International Academy
      • Chrysler Elementary
      • Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS)

    Which schools require an interview for admissions

    • Academy of the Americas (for some applicants)
    • Chrysler Elementary
    • Davis Aerospace High School
    • Detroit International Academy for Young Women
    • Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men
    • Golightly Education Center
    • Marcus Garvey Academy

    When will my student take the test?

    Due to COVID-19, we are reassessing the timing and procedures for administering the exams. Please monitor your email or log into you Submittable account periodically to ensure you do not miss the notification of your exam date.

    If I am not admitted into my top choice school, will I be put on a waitlist?

    Your application will be sent to your second choice school for review and, if needed, your third choice school. The decision to maintain a waitlist varies by school. Contact the school to learn more.

    Do any application schools give sibling preference?

    Sibling preference will be taken into consideration for students who have a sibling currently attending the school to which they are applying.

    Is transportation provided?

    Transportation is not provided to application schools, except where schools have a neighborhood component, such as Burton and Golightly Education Center. For details, see the Enrollment web page.