Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I find out which school is my child's home zone?

    Please enter your address in the district's school locator. The school locator can be found here.

    2. My child is interested in trying out for sports; where are the participation forms located?

    K-8 participation forms can be found here. High School participation forms can be found here

    3. If I have a unique high school athletic eligibility question, where do I find assistance?

    Please visit the Michigan High School Athletic Association website for assistance. The website can be found here

    4. Is my child eligible to play Middle School sports?

    A student is eligible under the following conditions:

    1. Attendance: He/she must be in regular attendance the day of the athletic practice or contest during the week and must be in attendance on Friday to participate in weekend contest. A student on outside suspension shall be ineligible from the time of the infraction until the time of reinstatement.

    2. Age: He or she must meet the following age limits to compete on middle school teams: 7th grade team – not 14 years old prior to September 1st, 8th or 7-8th grade combined teams – not 15 years old prior to September 1st.

    3. Academic Requirements: A student-athlete must achieve a quarter GPA of 2.0. This includes all grades in all classes that quarter. Previous GPA, higher or lower, is irrelevant. If a student receives less than a 2.0 then the student is ineligible for practice and game participation immediately after the quarter grades are released. If the same student earns a 2.0 or above the following quarter, then they will immediately become eligible for practice and game participation once quarter grades are released. This was intentionally done to ensure there is a continuous commitment to, and acknowledgment of, improvement.

    · Student-athletes must be ruled ineligible and dropped from competition following any card marking in which the grade-point average drops below the required Quarterly 2.0 GPA.

    · Summer school credits may not be applied toward eligibility.

    5. If I have an athletic issue at a school, what is the protocol?

    Please address all of your athletic concerns with the coach. If the coach is unable to address your concerns, please contact the school's athletic coordinator. The directory for the athletic coordinators can be found here. Lastly, if your concerns are still not addressed after communicating with the athletic coordinator at the school, please reach out to the school's principal.

    6. Where do I find information about NCAA eligibility?

    7. Where do I find information regarding concussions?

    The Concussion Acknowledgment Form and The Return to Activity and Post-Concussion Consent form can be found here.