• What to Love about Kindergarten at DPSCD

    Kindergarten is a wonderful time in a child’s life. It is meant to be a time filled with fun, exploration and limitless possibilities. In the DPSCD Kindergarten classroom, we use this opportunity to build upon a child’s natural curiosity to guide their learning experiences.

    We use purposeful materials, language and lessons to address each child as an individual and scaffold their academic, social and emotional learning. Kindergarten Educators are focused on the whole child to prepare them not just for kindergarten success but also to be lifelong learners.

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  • Learn about the benefits of being a DPSCD Kindergartener!

  • Strong Academics

  • Robust Resources

  • Rich Experiences

  • Whole Child Supports

  • The District offers schools and programs across the city of Detroit to meet the diverse needs of Kindergarteners and their families:

    • Neighborhood Schools: All schools offer a rigorous curriculum, arts and music, recess, and social-emotional supports for students. Our neighborhood schools are especially connected to their local community and build strong relationships with families.

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    • Application Schools: DPSCD’s specialty application schools and programs offer students unique learning experiences, such as Gifted and Talented, Foreign Language Immersion, Montessori, Fine and Performing Arts, African-Centered Education, Single-Gender Education and more. Learn more here.
    • Montessori Program: The District’s Montessori program is offered at three schools. Students are engaged in student-centered learning through hands-on experiences, a focus on social responsibility, and engaged communal learning. Learn more here.


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