How are admissions decisions made? 

    All students’ application scores are ranked from highest to lowest. Students with the highest scores are admitted to their first choice of schools until all of the available seats are filled, then students are admitted to their second-choice schools until all available seats are filled, etc. Application scores are comprised of the test score and the points awarded for each component of the application (see application rubric.) and are dependent on students’ examination school selections and available seats in student’s selected schools. Students who are not admitted through the ranking process may petition for admission. 

    Click here to access the scoring rubric for the application.

    Can I be accepted to a school other than one I selected in my top 3? 

    Yes. If you do not qualify for any of your top three choices, you will be placed in any school for which you indicated an interest, if you qualify for that school. 

    I attend DPSCD and took the test, but I have not received an email. 

    You may not have received an email because you did not submit an online application on Submittable or there was a typo in the email address associated with your Submittable account. If you are unsure, please check your Submittable account. 

    How will I be notified?

    Applicants who applied during the second round will receive notice of acceptance or denial of their application to an exam high school on Friday, July 31, 2020 after 6 p.m. Ninth grade applicants will receive notice of acceptance or denial of their application to an exam high school on January 102019 at 6 p.m. Notification will be sent to the email address submitted with the application. Applicants may also log into their Submittable account. 

    Will I receive a letter in the mail? 

    No, notifications will be sent to the email address submitted with the application. Applicants may also log into their Submittable account.

    I was accepted to my top choice school! What’s next? 

    Please review the documents sent with your acceptance carefully. Information on your next steps is included. 

    Applicants who were accepted to any of the five Examination High Schools are required to submit all enrollment forms by Friday, June 5, 2020. All enrollment forms may be submitted through your Submittable account and in-person (once the governor's stay home, stay safe order has been lifted). Students who were admitted, but do not turn in their completed enrollment packet by June 5 will forfeit their seat for fall. 

    Am I enrolled if I get an acceptance letter? 

    No, accepted students will need to formally enroll by submitting a completed enrollment packet. Please check your Submittable account for more information on how to submit your completed enrollment packet. Here’s what you need to bring with you to enroll: 

    • Completed Enrollment Form 
    • Parent/Guardian Photo ID 
    • Proof of Address 
    • Child’s Birth Certificate 
    • Immunization Record 
    • Transcripts/Report Card 

    If I am unhappy with the result, what are my options? 

    Students have the option to participate in the petition process to request a reconsideration of their school assignments or denial of admission to the exam high school of their choice. 

    When are petition applications due? 

    The deadline to submit a petition for Round 1 is February 7, 2020. The Round 2 petition deadline is August 9, 2020.

    I selected only one school on my application, but did not get in. Can I get into another school now? 

    Students may petition to get into another school, however, seats may be limited. We encourage students to keep all their options open when they apply.  

    What is the petition process?

    The petition window for students denied admission will begin on July 31st for applicants. Students who choose to participate in the petition process will be required to submit the following items for review. Additionally, an interview may be required. Students will be notified if they will be required to participate in an interview. Not all students will be interviewed. 

    • Student-authored essay indicating why they should be accepted. 
    • Three letters of recommendation OR two references and a supporting artifact (optional) 
    • Additional details with specific instructions will be sent to applicants. 

    Who will make the final decision on my petition? 

    The school to which you have petitioned makes the final admission decision. 

    What is the deadline to petition?

    The petition window closes for denied students on August 9, 2020.   

    When will I be notified of the final decision regarding my petition 

    Notification will be given to students by 6 p.m. on August 21, 2020. 

    I missed the first-round petition window, can I still petition for admission?

    Yes. Students who did not submit a petition during the first round will be allowed to submit a petition during the second-round window, which will open on July 31, 2020.