• Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

    Bulletin Board that says Your Mistakes Don't Define YouCarleton implements the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) program to promote a safe and productive learning environment for everyone. PBIS utilizes a matrix of expectations centered around three simple concepts: Be Responsible; Be Respectful; Be Safe! The PBIS framework holds students accountable for their actions in relation to the 3 principles, but with an element of support and reflection to help students grow socially and behaviorally.   We understand everyone may make poor choices at times, but we try to help our students understand how they handle and grow from their mistakes is the key to a healthy attitude. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to make positive choices the first time resulting in a Win-Win for all, one of the 7 Leader in Me habits. 

     Our Dean of Culture, Guidance Counselor, and School Culture Facilitator work with students to help them understand the value of embracing the PBIS expectations, Caught being good coupon listed the 3 rules with a bee and a signature line for teachernot just while they are at Carleton, but throughout life.  Virtual behavior is monitored and tracked through Class Dojo, a point system app, where students earn positive or negative points based on their daily actions.  Every month, students with the targeted number of positive points are invited a virtual celebration that may include a movie hour, game breakout room, or even goodie bags delivered to their doorsteps.

    Throughout the school day students may receive a "Caught Being Good"  gold slip from anyone who observes them being responsible, respectful, safe or doing a kind act for others. All slips are entered into a raffle and selected winners earn additional rewards.  

    For more information about Carleton's PBIS incentive program, contact our Dean of Culture at 313-866-8322.