Class Dojo

  • Class Dojo is a free app that Carleton staff uses to help create and maintain consistent lines of communication between the school and families.  Every teacher sets up a Class Dojo classroom and shares the link with parents so they are constantly updated on their child's behavioral successes or challenges throughout the day. The app tracks students' points which can be used once a month to purchase items from the PBIS store.  In addition, every month, students with the targeted amount of positive Dojo points may receive extra treats such as an ice cream party, popcorn and a movie, or extra recess time. Class Dojo also has a messenger feature that allows teachers and parents to communicate directly with each other via text.  We encourage every parent to download the ClassDojo app if possible and connect with your child's teachers. Families may contact the office at 313-866-8322 or visit the ClassDojo website for more information.

Stay Connected

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