Our Counselor

Phone: (313) 485-0930


Degrees and Certifications:


Sheila Clark

Ms. Clark, Carleton's Guidance Counselor, provides services to the Carleton student body. She actively collaborates with community partners to ensure the academic, career, personal, and social needs of our students are met.  Ms. Clark organizes outreach programs and services for students including leadership workshops, clothing donations, and family resources.  She meets with students virutally to tackle issues such as grief, anger management, family stressors, and personal concerns.  Ms. Clark is committed to providing wrap around services that enhance the mental and physical health of our children.

Counseling Services

  • Ms. Clark  addresses the needs of our students through whole group, small group, and one-on-one counseling sessions with students. As a Leader in Me School, we stress the importance of students "carrying their own weather" which means they are in control of how they react to any give situation.  Students who may need to join school virtually can still meet with Counselor Class through Teams and interact with her online digital resources. Our counseling goal is to empower students to use a variety of tools, coping mechanisms and proactive strategies so they can have ownership of their feelings and actions.   

Virtual Counseling Officers