August 15, 2023


    Greetings Cass Tech Families,

    We are so excited and cannot wait to see you on the first day of school. We are ready and set to make your first day memorable and filled with enthusiasm.

    The first day of school for students will be August 28, 2023, from 8:00 am to 3:20 pm. Our dress code information is included in the attachment.  We understand that the District has a Dress Code Guideline that does not apply to individual school’s Dress Code guidelines; therefore, it is imperative that you follow Cass Tech’s Dress Code Guidelines.

    Our initiatives this year are mental health, improving academic performance, improving chronic absenteeism, strengthening school communication, and continue to monitor COVID protocols and our “Respect Campaign”.

    We welcome back our PTSA president, Mrs. Chaundra Frierson-Haynes (chaundra.frierson@icloud.com) and our entire SAC Committee. We look forward to a continued and productive parent association, because an informed and active parent is one of the most impactful ingredients of a successful school.


    High school is a time for change. This year we plan to focus on the well-being of our students and staff. Mental health support will be at the forefront of our school's number one initiative. We have partnered with Family Medical Center to provide daily, on-site support for our students.

    Our senior class graduated 98% of their seniors and they earned over 85 million dollars in scholarships. Let’s continue this tradition of excellence. We plan to have a club day where students can meet the members of various clubs for you to join.

    On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, from 10am to 1pm, 9th grade, and High School transfer students only will pick up their schedules at Cass Tech using the Second Street entrance only. In addition, Grades 10th through 12th will have access to their 2023 schedule via PowerSchool. Paper schedule pick-up will not be available to returning students.

    Once students receive their schedule and notice any errors, it is important that students follow the class error change form instructions that will be shared with students who have schedule errors. This process will be addressed once the correction form has been received by the counselor. All students must follow the schedule that they receive even if there are errors, and counselors will make the changes and contact the student with a revised schedule.

    Staff will report to Cass Technical High School on Monday, August 21, 2023 at 9 am, in the Dining Commons.

    Congratulations are in order for staff and administration because we have earned an A for the 22-23 school year: with a 98% graduation rate. We do not want to rest here we want to soar to greater heights because we are Cass Tech, #1 Second to None.

    Due to District cuts, and even though we have over 2500 students starting with us this Fall, we lost a Dean, an Attendance Agent, a clerical, and an Assistant Principal.  With these cuts, we are still hoping to bring back these positions soon.

    As your principal, I am here to provide leadership to our school community and welcome you to share this role as we strive to make this school year memorable and exciting for our most precious jewel, our CT students.



    Lisa Phillips





    Cass Tech HS Dress Code

    The dress code for Cass Technical HS, prohibits gang-related or immodest attire. The guidelines for the Cass Tech High School 2023-2024 Dress Code are as follows:

    RELAXED Dress Code 23-24:

    • No shorts
    • No oversized chains of any type
    • Jeans/Pants must be worn above the hips- no sagging
    • Belts may not hang loose
    • No tight-fitting and revealing clothes
    • No tank-tops, spaghetti strap tops, halter tops
    • No hats, hoods, or rags can be worn on the head, unless it is due to religious beliefs
    •  No strapless tops or dresses, or anything considered revealing; sheer or lowcut blouses
    • No bare midriffs (e.g., no crop tops, bralettes, sheer/lace tops)
    • No exposed underwear (e.g., undergarments, brassieres)
    • Skirts and dresses must be at or just above the knee; no skirts and dresses whose hem stops at the hips can be worn
    • No skirts or dresses with slits past the mid-thigh
    • No ripped or torn jeans
    • No bodycon dresses, no t-shirt dresses