• Note: Due to funding at the WSU's Mike Ilitich School of Business, Dual Enrollment will only be available for rising juniors and seniors only. Please be advised to pick college credit only, as your choice of academic grading.  If you have any questions, please contact AP Kimberly Liddell-Love via email at: kimberly.liddell-love@detroitk12.org.

    Dual Enrollment Online Application Procedures

     Go to https://slate.wayne.edu/apply 

     This should be towards the top of the page, click “create an account” to begin.

    Application Management

    • Enter your email address, first and last name, and birthdate.
    • A temporary PIN will be sent to your email address.
    • Enter temporary PIN and birthdate.
    • Create a new password that meets the listed criteria.
    • Start a new undergraduate application.
    • Fill out each of the sections on the left. The asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

    In the “Academic Plans” section, make sure you indicate when you would like to begin courses as: Which student type describes you best?*  

    • I’ll be taking college classes for the first time since graduating from high-school (first-year student).

    • I’ve taken at least one college class after high school and want to earn my bachelor’s degree (transfer or second bachelor’s degree)

    • I go to another college but want to take a class at Wayne State this semester (guest student). I have a bachelor’s degree and I’d like to take more classes without earning another bachelor’s degree (post bachelor).

    • I’d like to take a class for fun, without earning college credit (nonmatriculating).

    • I’ll be taking college classes while still attending high school (dual enrollment).  <----- PICK THIS ONE!

    Go on to complete the “More About You” and “Academic History” sections. Please be sure to read through the “Legal Statements” section for information about the Clery Act, Title IX, opting in to text messaging, as well as certifying your application. After you click “continue”, type your full legal name into the provided box. After completion of that section, it will allow you to review your application as well as tell you if you have missed a required section. If your application is completed, you may now submit it.

    1. Fall 2023 Schedule  
    2. Registration
    3. FERPA
    4. Academic Guidelines
    5. Student Code of Conduct

    You must submit all documents listed above at the time of completing your application. A signature may be required. A pop up will let you know that you are unable to make changes to your application once it is submitted. Please make sure that all of your information is accurate and complete before selecting “OK”. You are now at your Undergraduate Application Portal! Here you will find your application requirements and a checklist for additional documents such as your transcripts.