• Students of the CT Visuals Arts Dept. attended a workshop with HERMÈS, entitled Hermès in the Making. This unique opportunity offers a journey through live demonstrations, films, workshops, and interactive activities spread throughout the space. It was a visit that can be customized according to the interests, desires, and themes that excite the guest's curiosity. Hermes believes their objects are designed to be loved, to last, to be repaired, and handed down. Having arrived from their workshops, the craftspeople representing various areas of know-how of the house bring with them their tools, materials, and expertise to explain how these objects are made. Their work echoes our ethos, which is more than ever at the heart of our modern times: preserving and developing savoir-faire expertise, which is often linked to a historical tradition or region - a quest for quality, durability, innovation, and respect for the surrounding environment.  The HERMÈS partnership will focus on jewelry design. Senior Executives invited  our students to their flagship store that is opening in NYC in the Fall! 

  • Congratulations are in order to our Art Students on winning the 2022 Michigan Celebration of Culture & Community. This is a part of McDonald's Black and Positively Golden initiative, which "celebrates individuals and organizations who take action to strengthen the community and culture." The contest was sponsored by The McDonald's Owner/Operators of Michigan.
    A reproduction of the students' piece was hung inside the McDonald's at 1000 Mack Avenue. Please go by and check it out!!!!!