• Partnerships

        Cass Technical High School has established partnerships with a diverse range of organizations and institutions to enhance its academic programs and provide students with unique opportunities. For instance, the school has partnered with Gucci, the luxury fashion brand, to create a scholarship program for graduating seniors interested in pursuing careers in the fashion industry. Cass Tech has also partnered with Illitch Holdings Inc., the parent company of several businesses in the Detroit area, to provide internships and job-shadowing opportunities for students. Additionally, the school has collaborated with both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan to provide college-level coursework and exposure to campus life. Other notable partnerships include Meijer, a regional grocery store chain, and Mercedes Benz, which has provided funding and resources for the school's automotive technology program. Through these partnerships, Cass Tech High School is able to provide students with a well-rounded education and prepare them for future success.