Leadership Teams

  • As we know, students are more likely to succeed when schools address behavior, attendance and learning together. Decision making is shared through these three teams: Engagement Leadership Team (ELT), Instructional Leadership Team (ILT), and Culture and Climate Leadership Team (CLT). The goal of these teams is to accomplish the goals of the School Improvement Plan and partner with school districts to help implement and sustain these supports for improved student outcomes. Roberto Clemente has been successfully implementing school-wide expectations for over ten years in order to create and sustain a positive school culture and climate and in order to support academic growth and students' safety. At RCLA, the teams mentioned above are focused on providing high quality instruction and targeted interventions to ensure student academic and socio-emotional success. School-wide implementation of daily morning announcements to update students on school-wide expectations and to celebrate student achievements. 

    One of the incentives that gets announced every other Friday morning is the Respect Badge incentive, in which students are rewarded for good behavior by being given a respect badge, a small piece of paper that they put their name on. The students put these in a container in their classroom for the bi-weekly drawing.