Meet the Principal

Dr. Jamita Lewis

Phone: (313) 866-0343


Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jamita Lewis



Students, Osborn Faculty, Parents, and Community:


I am Dr. Jamita Lewis. I am serving as the Interim Principal during the 2020 -2021 school year at Osborn High School. I am very excited to serve in this role because I have lived and attended church in this community since I was born. Being at Osborn gets me closer to my mom, who has lived in her home around the corner for nearly 40 years. I am back at home!


I followed the K-12 educational pipeline by serving as a Social Studies teacher, a Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and a Turnaround Assistant Principal. I have a work history in higher education, middle schools, high schools, charter schools, and Grand Rapids Public School District. For the past three years, I had the pleasure to work within DPSCD, at Henry Ford High School. Combined, I have served 18 years in education and I am ready and eager to serve students and faculty at Osborn High School.


I received my college degrees from: Michigan State University (Bachelors of Arts); and Oakland University (Master of Public Administration; Education Specialist Degree, and Philosophy of Education Degree).  I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and a mother of 2.


I am excited to embark upon this education journey with you. Each of us are recreating education during these unusual times and your hard work for preparation is noticed. Regardless of anyone's experience in education, I am sure we all can agree: We are ALL experiencing our “FIRST” in education. This is a Principal's first experience as a leader in a Pandemic. This is a teacher's first experience with instructing their class from home and teaching through the lens of a camera. Parents are adjusting to homeschooling their children, while balancing work, school, and homelife. This is School Counseling,  Exceptional Education and our mental health teams first experience reducing high risk behaviors in students and scheduling virtual classes.  This is the Custodial Staff and Food Service staff first time implementing protocols during their midst of a Pandemic. Most importantly, this is students' first time learning a full day outside the classroom - they NEED us the most. 


As we enter into the school year, remember: School at its core is still the same- Students will take tests and engage in lesson design by their teacher. Osborn faculty will still reach out to build connections with families. We still will celebrate students, who gain admission to NHS and other academic awards. We still will  acknowledge, and celebrate the college admission of the graduation class of 2021. This school was named after Laura Osborn. Osborn once said, “...Let us never forget that the generations we are teaching in the schools today will be running the same country in twenty years- and how they run it depends upon how they are taught”.


The massive efforts to respond to the shocks in education, tell us that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, while facing tough times. As a result, for the 2020 -2021 school, I have chosen the following as our School Year theme: 


“We are in this together.”


Thank you for your patience as we continue navigating this new path for the coming year.  I look forward to meeting you virtually at our monthly Grade Level parents meetings, which is posted under the “Parent Link” on our website. 


Kindest Regards,


Dr. Jamita Lewis, Ph.D