Meet the Principal

Ms. Kenya Crockett

Phone: (313) 866-0343


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Kenya Crockett

I am an enthusiastic professional with over 20 years of successful experience in education. Currently serving as the Prinicpal of Osborn High School. Specializing in the transformation of operations leadership practices with a strong background optimizing human resource functions. Demonstrated ability to build out business infrastructure that aligns to organizational vision. Execute comprehensive evaluation of systems that drive learning and culture to achieve social emotional and academic objectives. Assess public and fiscal policies to ensure compliance and monitoring is streamlined to meet quality curriculum development standards. Allocate resources that encourage the engagement of academic leaders and public support teams to cross train affording the organization enhancement of program and service delivery. 


Proven expertise in:
• Educational Leadership and Training
• State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
• Data Solution Development
• Research Program Optimization
• Human Resources Management
• Performance Data Analysis
• Quality Report Generation
• Restorative Program Enhancement