Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

  •  Assigned Greeters: Security

    Between 7: 30 AM and 9:10 AM, security is needed at: ○ Door 3 - Boys Entrance ○ Door 25 - Girls Entrance


    Students are expected to eat breakfast in the cafeteria from 7:30-8:00. Food is not allowed in the classrooms.

    At 9: 10 AM, Door 25 is no longer an entrance for students.

    Students will need to use Main Door 3 to enter. ●




    Early Dismissal ends at 2:30 PM

    Parents/authorized adults will stop at the security desk to sign in then report to the main office to report their business.

    Parent/authorized adult MUST have a photo ID to have a scholar dismissed prior to 3:00pm.

    Only authorized adults will be permitted to get a scholar prior to the 3:20pm dismissal time.


    Students will dismiss from the same door they entered from.

    Security should be outdoors with students from dismissal until nearly 90% of students are dismissed (normally 15-20 min).

    Dismissal 3:20 pm