• Welcome to Distance Learning

    This is an incredibly difficult time for our school community, and we are so proud of all the ways we have come together already. With schools on an extended closure for the remainder of the school year, we have developed resources for continued student learning while school remains closed.  

    Osborn High School has transitioned to Microsoft Teams as our online learning platform beginning Monday, April 20th.



    Stay Connected

    Staying in touch with our students is a top priority.

    • Teachers will connect with students via Microsoft Teams or by email or phone each week.
      • Microsoft Teams is an app in the Microsoft suite, that enables teachers, students and staff to talk and video, chat, to share written messages (similar to text messaging), as well as share documents and assignments. Teachers and students can also schedule meetings and collaborate with other students (teams).
      • Teams is set up and ready to use for students. Families can also download the Teams app for Android or Apple iOS and login directly with their student’s credentials (student ID# @thedps.org).
    • Parents are encouraged to reach out to teachers and principals with questions or requests for additional support.


    Student Attendance

    • Attendance will be taken on Tuesday and Friday of every week.
    • It is important that students participate throughout the week. Weekends of course are not required, but will count toward Tuesday attendance if participation is made.



    Student Participation

    • Student participation will be monitored and captured. This will be done through:
    • Student log-ins on Teams
    • Telephone interactions
    • Communication with parents who verify student engagement. 
    • Parent notifies the teacher that they are attempting to participate but have extenuating circumstances that are hindering their participation such as; illness, lack of resources (electricity, water, internet, homelessness, or other situations). We may be able to connect you with resources.