About Us


    We at the Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy,

    Will strive for excellence in our quest to be the best.

    Will rise aboxe eveey challenge with our heads held high,

    Will always keep the faith when others say die,

    March on til' victory is ours, Amandala!


Our School

  • Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy offers Detroit students a unique educational and cultural experience designed to prepare students both academically and culturally so that they can be productive citizens of the 21st century.  All aspects of the school provide students with a cultural experience aimed at giving students a better appreciation of the communities they live in and the connection to the broader society.

    Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy stresses a child centered, culturally influenced, pedagogy designed to increase the academic and social development of children. Consistently meeting AYP requirements, Robeson Malcolm X supplements district curriculum with African-centered educational material that informs students of the contributions of African American people to all aspects of U.S. society. We are supported by the local university, which includes the continuation of a 20-year partnership with Michigan State University.

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    • Visual Arts
    • Physical Education Classes
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Cheerleading
    • Tech State Detroit
    • Michigan State University’s “My Brother’s Keeper Program”
    • African American Language & Literacy Program


Quick Facts

  • Pre-K - 8th Grades Served
  • Yes Application Required
  • 8:30am - 3:40pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Uniforms
  • No Transportation
  • 342 Students Enrollment