School Dress Code

  • We are on time, on task, and on a mission to restore the majestic dignity of our school culture
    by providing a quality education – by any means necessary!

    The 2022/2023 School Year will begin on Monday, August 29, 2022, and in our efforts to begin the year working with parents to ensure that students have what they need to support learning and safety in our African Centered environment.  Parents are asked to prepare for the following:


    All students should be in school uniform on the 1st day of school.

    School uniforms are as follows:



    Short Sleeve Polo Shirts in the following colors:

    Pre-K to 2nd grade RED

    3rd to 5th grade GREEN

    6th to 8th grade BLACK

    All students should wear BLACK pants.

    (GIRLS are allowed to wear skirts/skorts or jumpers.)

    BOYS and GIRLS are allowed to wear sweaters during the colder months.

    NO HOODIES will be allowed.

    Belts MUST be Visibly Worn and Seen (no sagging pants).

    Black Leather Shoes (Rubber Sole).



    No student is to wear expensive or dangling earrings or jewelry.

    No gym shoes or play activity shoes (unless during gym class).

    No jeans (blue or other colors).

    No tight clothing of any kind.

    Any student found in violation of these guidelines will be sent to the Office to notify parents immediately. Students wearing these clothing will be sent home to change and/or be sent to the office. Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (313) 494-8100.

    With Our Children in Mind, Dr. Jeffery D. Robinson, Principal