Welcome Back Families

  • Jambo, Parents of Paul Robeson Malcolm X African Centered Academy. Welcome to the beginning
    of the 2021/2022 School Year! We pray you had an enjoyable, safe, and healthy summer? As we stand
    at the start of another school year, I begin by saying that we are honored that you have chosen to bring
    your most precious gift on earth your child to Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy. To be sure this
    will be a school year like no other, the challenges of the current pandemic are many and PRMX is
    ready! Rest assured that the safety of children and staff will be the number one priority and ask for you
    to join us in making our classrooms and school building as safe and clean as they possibly can be.

    PRMX has the utmost commitment to the academic achievement and success of your student, and we
    invite you to partner with us because we cannot do it alone, WE NEED PARENTS! We need parents
    to be an integral part of establishing and maintaining a positive, nurturing, inviting learning
    environment focused on Loving, Challenging and Preparing our students to mature, grow, achieve, and
    ultimately become positive members of their communities and the world around them. Preparing them
    for a world that doesn’t know them and sadly doesn’t always care about them the way it should. A
    world that would rather see them fail, than to succeed. As a Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy parent,
    I ask that you always remember why you brought your child to Paul Robeson Malcolm X, the first
    public African Centered school in the country? You brought your child because of the importance of
    them learning who they are, how to love themselves, and finding pride and in their Blackness. Most
    importantly your child will learn that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of them, because they
    will have an education built upon a foundation of knowledge truth and self-determination. So, we ask
    you to join us on the journey of being “On Time, on Task and On a Mission to a Quality Education By
    Any Means Necessary!” We look forward to an exciting school year!

    Educationally Yours,


    -Jeffery D. Robinson, Ph.D., Principal