School Culture

  • Calm Classroom

    Every morning Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy starts the day with the Black National Anthem. We then move into the PRMXA Pledge as well as calm classroom. Calm classroom is a technique in which students are able to relax by breathing, stretching, and focusing on relaxation. Teachers lead these practices three scheduled times a day in their classrooms, and are encouraged to utilize the techniques when naturally appropriate. Calm classroom cultivates a more mindful school climate, helping students to foster attitudes of respect and kindness towards themselves and others. 

  • Harambe

    Wednesday morning is a time of reflection of our school's unity. Umoja, is one of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, and is defined as Unity in Swahili. Our students gather outside of their classrooms to repeat the African American creed as well as affirmations presented by Baba Tabron. 


  •  Ujima

    Ujima means collective work and responsibilty. Our teachers are dedicated to indivualizing lessons and activities for our learners. The students know that it is their responsibilty to learn and help others around them strive for excellence. 

    Mama Edwards teaching her young men