• All About Mark Twain School For Scholars- 12800 Visger Rd., Detroit, MI 48217

    Mark Twain School For Scholars offers a vibrant and engaging learning environment for more than 300 students in Prek through Eighth grade. We have a diverse range of activities and subjects that help to cater to the varied interests and needs of our students. Incorporating extracurricular activities like soccer and dance teams alongside academic support like tutoring demonstrates a whole-child approach to education, nurturing both the mind and body.

    This balanced approach ensures that students have the opportunity to develop not only their academic skills but also their creativity, physical fitness, and social-emotional well-being. By making learning fun, your teachers are creating an environment where students are eager to participate and actively engage with the material. Incorporating interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and creative projects can spark curiosity and make complex topics more accessible and enjoyable for students.

    Overall, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience for your students. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Mark Twain Family, come in and sign your children up for a successful future.

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