• Dear Mark Twain School for Scholars Parents and Guardians: 


    In our continuous effort to provide the best educational experience possible for your child and to monitor their progress, we would like to inform you of upcoming tests.  Student focus and attendance are vital to not only their success, but the school’s success as well.  Your continued support and care in your child’s education are greatly appreciated. 


    Here are some tips for preparing your child(ren) for test day: 

    • Make sure that they get plenty of rest before test day.
    • Breakfast is a great way to get the morning started off right!
    • Arrive at school on time on test day.
    • Talk with your child(ren) about their upcoming test. Help them set goals for their performance.

    I ready (K-8)

    The I-ready diagnostic assessment is a universal screener tool that is closely aligned to grade-level expectations. The diagnostic assessment pinpoints each student’s subject area strength all the way down to subskills. Students in grades K-8 will take I-Ready diagnostic assessment in both ELA and Math.


    Dates for Testing  

    Reading: September 13-17, 2021 

    Math: September 20-24, 2021

    Makeup for Reading & Math: September 27-October 1, 2021 


    Benchmarks Science and Social Studies (Grades 5 and 8)

    The district Science and Social Studies benchmarks are administered through performance matters. Students in grades and 5 and 8 will take these assessments. These assessments are divided into two sections which are untimed, so students will be to work on them until they have completed the test.


    Dates for Testing: September 13-October 1, 2021


    Academic Approach

    Academic Approach provides customized assessment and reporting services geared toward raising student achievement on the SAT. These practice assessments produce valuable data for both students and teachers as they look to maximize classroom time building the core skills evaluated on official tests.

    The schoolwide diagnostic results for i-Ready beginning of the year (BOY),  middle of the year (MOY) and the end of year (EOY) reading and math results will be posted upon completion. 

    Dates for Testing: Academic Approach Testing: September 20-October 1


    Assessment Team