• All About Mann Learning Community - 19625 Elimira St., Detroit MI 48228

    Are you searching for a school that goes above and beyond to support student's growth and success? Look no further than Mann Learning Community! Mann is home to Ms. Candice Jackson, the Michigan Teacher of the Year, and is led by Dr. Lakeisha Simpson and Aaron Johnston, who are committed to providing a top-notch education. At Mann Learning Community, students from Pre-K through 5th grade have access to a diverse range of opportunities. Whether students are into music, arts, athletics, or social-emotional skills clubs, there's something here for everyone. These activities not only help students explore their passions but also teach valuable life skills like teamwork and leadership.

    Join our community and discover a school where academics, creativity, and personal growth are prioritized. With dedicated educators and supportive surroundings, Mann Learning Community empowers students to excel in every aspect of their educational journey. Ready to thrive? Enroll at Mann Learning Community and start your student’s path to success today!


    • Creative and Performing Arts
    • 3-5 Co-Ed Basketball, Cheerleading 
    • Lunchtime student enrichment clubs
    • After-school tutoring
  • Home of the Cubs
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