• Mann Learning Community's College and Career Day 2023 took place on May 10th, and what a day it was. As scholars and young people are often asked "what do you want to be when you grow up", College and Career Day gave our scholars a glimpse into what could be their future. C&C Day guests included nurses, a news broadcaster, an air traffic controller and a senior director at a public relations firm. DPSCD's own Breithaupt sent culinary arts, cosmetology and automotive technician instructors to be part of our C&C Day. As the name implies, college students from University of Michigan and Michigan State University spent part of their day speaking with Mann scholars about college life, their majors and their experiences thus far. We were honored to include Wayne County's Sheriff, Mr. Raphael Washington and the Sherrif's Dept. as our C&C day guests as well.

    College and Career Day 2023 was an important day for scholars as they were able to hear about some of the great possibilities for their future and receive valuable information about higher education and the World of Work. We are so thankful to every guest who took the time to pour into Mann Scholars, the time spent is crucial to their educational and career journeys!