Speech / Language Therapy

  • All children need environments which support development of speech, language and communication skills; this can make a difference for typically developing children as well as those with SLCN (Speech Language and Communication Needs). Speech and language therapists are key partners for schools/local authorities and early years settings where they can:

    • Play a vital role in working directly with the child with specific SLCN as well as support the teachers and teaching assistants to differentiate the curriculum appropriately, and provide necessary training.
    • Support schools to ensure communication and supportive practices long-term for students with SLCN.
    • Provide assessment, including screening or more specific assessment of individuals to determine specific areas of need and strategies to support development.
    • Input to formal assessment processes for children who have long-term SLCN and who may need a statement of special educational needs.
    • Support good practice in the classroom.
    • Support educational target setting and evaluation.
    • Work with others to support targeted interventions and support for children.  

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