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Michelle Alexander R.N.

Michelle Alexander, Moses Field is head school nurse, an integral part of access to education and works to reduce and eliminate health-related barriers to the education process for students. She promotes health and safety, intervenes with actual and potential health problems, coordinates communication with families, and trains staff on medical conditions and diseases that affect our population of students.

Moses Field School has excellent school nurses that provide one-on-one service for those students that require special attention. There is one head nurse, and as of now the school has four agency-placed nurses to provide adequate care for our students. School nursing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual and one-on-one health care assessment needs for students.
  • Health care plan development, revision and evaluation include Emergency Action Plans, Individual Health Care Plans and health related components of Individual Education Programs.
  • Direct provision of nursing health care services.
  • School staff instruction and supervision in provision of care for students with special health care needs.
  • Instruction and oversight for medication administration processes in schools.
  • Emergency and injury care, planning and training.
  • Communicable disease control and outbreak response in schools.
  • Assessment of school community health and safety issues.
  • Members and resources for student assistance teams that develop health-related student accommodation.