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Ms. Melissa Scott

Ms. Scott began her career as a Detroit teacher in 1991 after moving back to Detroit from Atlanta, Georgia. She excelled quickly and was referred by her supervisors to be assigned as administrator of a new start-up school. Leaving the classroom after only 6 years, she proved that she was equally talented as a school Director. Ms. Scott won numerous awards and gained tremendous respect for the work that she was doing, and soon was recruited to return to the Detroit Public Schools in 2003. Upon her return, she again was recognized for her outstanding leadership and service by organizations such as: WDIV Channel 4 Local News, Coleman A. Young Foundation, the State of Michigan, and the Veterans Association.  

Ms. Scott became a "Turn-Around" Principal and began working to restore schools. She worked with schools at all levels and garnered the respect of the community, who began partnering with her to improve some of the institutions where she was Principal. Ms. Scott was recognized by many when she and her team were the only school awarded the full  six million dollar School Improvement Grant that lead the school out of Priority School Status. This school was recognized as one of the most promising schools in Detroit, according to the Detroit News. Unfortunately, she was relocated again, but left the school in a state that allowed it to maintain the progress that they had set in motion. Her current school, Coleman A. Young Elementary School is known for its beauty, climate and culture, and academic progress. She was sent there because of its declining test scores and academic performance, in addition to a deteriorating facility. All things were changed and enhanced through the hands and finances of Ms. Scott and her team. Coleman A. Young Elementary School has been recognized by Superintendents, the State of Michigan, NBC and other organizations because of its growth during difficult times in the city of Detroit. Ms. Scott was also the winner of the prestigious Coleman A. Young Award in 2018. Recently, her school was selected to be part of a documentary showcasing institutions that grew when everything else seem to be failing. If you have the pleasure of walking into her school, you will understand why it grows. 

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