• Welcome to the DPSCD Virtual School. We look forward to being part of your scholar’s educational journey.  The DSPCD Virtual School provides excellent live instruction from local teachers using DPSCD curriculum. Students attend classes via Teams during the regular school day.

    If you are looking to apply to our school, please check the enrollment page. If you have already been accepted, here’s your next steps:

    Getting Started

    1. Get a device – At the beginning of the school year we will have drop-in days for families to come to the school to pick up a device. Other times of the year, check the parent resource page to book an appointment.
    2. Setup your workspace. You’ll need a place to attend classes in your home. Choose somewhere that is distraction free and well lit. This could be a desk, table, or kitchen table.
    3. Get your support in place- Learning from home takes more support. You will need an adult to help. Their role will vary with the students' age. This could be a parent, grandparent, family member or family friend.
    4. Log in- We will give you the username and password when you pick up the device. Your username is your student ID number at thedps.org. For example  1234567@thedps.org . If you forgot, call the school at (313) 644-0200.
    5. Setup your calendar – accept the meeting invites from your teachers so you will not miss any classes.

    Quick Start Guide – coming soon

    Student Expectations

    • Attend all classes following a traditional school day.
    • Be engaged with your camera
    • Participate in class through emojis, chat, discussion posts, and your voice.
    • Reach out to your teacher if you need help
    • Attend in-person state testing in the spring
    • Learn and have fun

    Parent Expectations

    • Support your scholar’s learning
    • Check your scholar’s Detroitk12 email regularly
    • Make sure you get robocalls and text from the school
    • Read the Family Newsletters
    • Volunteer with the PTA
    • Engage and have fun

    We look forward to a great school year with you and your family. You can always reach us at (313) 644-0200 or virtual.school@detroitk12.org