Academic Interventionist

  • Academic Interventionist provide instructional or other core subject support services to eligible students, working under the supervision of highly qualified teachers who are responsible for the design, implementation, assessment, evaluation of student progress and instructional programs. Compuater technology and equipment are often the mode of insturctional delivery for Academic Interventionists. Their duties consist of:

    • Provide instructional services to eligible students under the direct supervision of highly qualified teachers. Academic Inerventionist frequently works with more than one teacher.
    • Provide one-on-one turoring or small group instruction for eligible students as directed by teacher.
    • Provide supplemental instructional support and reinforcement of skills to eligible students in a comput lab, library or media center.
    • Assist the teacher in implementing and following student-learning plans.
    • Assist with Title I Section 31a parental involvement activities.
    • Act as translator, when necessary
    • Manintain daily activity log.

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