Welcome to Barton Elementary!

  • Barton Elementary School is located on the west side of Detroit at 8530 Joy Rd. Detroit, Michigan. 48204. Barton was reopened to reduce the class size at Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School. Our projected enrollment is 150 students, with 25 students in each K-5 setting. We will utilize the same curriculum that the district is using, Expeditionary Learning, and Eureka Math. Although we are in the middle of a pandemic and are servicing a combination of face to face learning, learning centers, and online learning, we are offering the following programs: Barton Morning Announcements, Townhall Meetings, Junior Cadet, Expect Respect and Character Trait Education, Daily Celebrations, High Expectation B.A.R.T.O.N. Student Recognition,  PBIS, Barton School Store, Barton Bear Paws Incentives, Honors Assemblies, Movie Day, Calm Classroom, Girls & Boys Mentoring, Student of the Month, and Friday Showcase. 

  • Our Mission

    Barton Elementary School's mission is to provide each student with a quality education in a safe and student-friendly environment.

    Our Vision

    Barton Elementary School's goal is to collaborate with our parents and community to build an environment that produces future leaders.

    Barton Elementary School Student Pledge

     I am a proud Barton Elementary School Student.

     I will come to school every day to learn.

     I will respect my teachers, my classmates, and myself.

     I am a proud Barton Elementary School student.

     I will be working on my future every day.

     This is my pledge for today.

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    • Daily Safety Protocols Upon School Entry
    • Small Intimate Learning Settings
    • One-to-One Technology
    • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
    • After School Programs
    • Physical Education
    • Art Education
    • Academic Games
    • Battle of the Books
    • Junior Achievement
    • Barton Morning Announcements
    • Townhall Meetings
    • Junior Cadet
    • Expect Respect and Character Trait Education
    • Daily Academic and Social Celebrations
    • High Expectation B.A.R.T.O.N. Student Recognition
    • PBIS
    • Barton School Store
    • Barton Bear Paws Incentives
    • Honors Assemblies
    • Spelling Bee
    • Mathematics Bee
    • Movie Day
    • Calm Classroom
    • Girls & Boys Mentoring
    • Student of the Month
    • Friday Showcase
    • Parent-Teacher Association
    • Parent-Teacher Communication Apps


  • Kindergarten - 5th Grades Served
  • No Application Required
  • 8:30 am - 3:40 pm Bell Schedule
  • Yes Uniforms
  • Yes Transportation
  • 157 students Enrollment